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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I qualify for Income Based Rental and Rental Assistance Program?
Your annual gross income must be less than the maximum income limits to be eligible for both programs (see our "Service Programs" page for the maximum income limits).  The applicant(s) must have a steady income, be able to pass a criminal background check, provide completed application it its entirety with required documentation, cannot owe debts to other subsidized housing, in addition to other criteria.
How do I get on the waiting list?
You will need to fill out an application for the program you are interested in. The waiting lists are based on eligibility, the date of your application, and the number of preference points you have. You will be assigned a bedroom size based upon the ages and sex of the household members on your application. To remain on the waiting list, you will need to update your information every three months.
Where am I on the waiting list?
The waiting list is based on need for housing, and preference points. Your number on the waiting list could change at any time if a new application comes in with a higher need for housing and higher points. Make sure to update your application every three months to remain on the list.
How are preference points determined?
Preference points are based on the preferences you claim on your application. You will need to provide proof that you qualify for preference points that you have listed.

An example is "Medical Need: The current housing situation threatens household ability to live independently, and situation would be substantially improved by admission because current home does not meet their needs. A household member with severe medical need benefits by being closer to a hospital. Supporting documentations will be required. 15 points will be awarded."
Do you have Emergency Housing available?

The Sault Tribe Housing Authority (STHA) in combined efforts with the Anishnaabek Community & Family Services (ACFS) provide emergency financial assistance to qualified tribal members who are faced with homeless situations and/or maintain current housing to ensure that the tribal population has safe, affordable and sanitary housing. The goal of the Emergency Housing Assistance Program shall be to provide a safety net to prevent homelessness of tribal members.  Assistance shall not exceed seven hundred fifty ($750.00) dollars per household. Each applicant may only be served one time per fiscal year.

How long is the approval period for the Homeowner Assistance Fund program?
If meeting all the requirements, you may be eligible for six (6) months of mortgage assistance (once the Mortgage Payment Assistance Continued Financial Hardship is completed and returned) and 90 days of utility assistance from the date of approval or $20,000 in total amount of assistance, whichever comes first. You must be delinquent on the utilities you are requesting assistance for prior to STHA being able to send payment.
Is there an extension for the Homeowner Assistance Fund program?
Unfortunately, we do not offer extensions.